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Great Pyrenees

I am thinking about getting a female Pyrenees puppy to add to my pack at Milk and Honey Farm.  Several of my Facebook friends breed Pyrs so this  is for you. If you have AKC registered females under one year old, please contact me. (  Thank you.  

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Great Pyrenees Puppies

Three of my Great Pyrenees pups are being picked up today to go to their new homes. I love to see the new owners meet their puppy for the first time. It is special.  We took pictures of the pups last week end in the cart filled with pumpkins. Today, the pups go home and […]

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Pyr Puppy Pictures

The Pyr puppy pictures are up on the web site. ( They are looking good!

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More Puppy News

We have another litter of Great Pyrenees puppies! Josie is the Mom and Boaz is the sire. Mom and babies all doing good. There is one all white male pup and the rest of the pups are Badger marked.  We take photos of our  puppies and post them on the web site when the pups […]

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Pyr Puppy Update

Mocca’s puppies are two weeks old. They have their eyes open and are scooting around on their very fat tummies.  This is so fun. Happy! Happy! Happy!

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Pyr Pups Graduating

The Great Pyrenees puppies are graduating to the barn kennel tonight.  They are  strong and healthy, the weather is beautiful, the puppy kennel is clean. It is time for them to be outside.  It will be a parade. Mocca, their Mom, will go out first.  Bob and I will bring the puppies in several laundry […]

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We Have Great Pyrenees Puppies

We have nine Great Pyrenees puppies! They were born to Mocca and Boaz on Saturday, August 9th, 2014. They will be ready to go to their new homes in eight weeks. (October)  For information on our big dogs check out our Great Pyr page and call or email me. We have a waiting list for […]

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Happy Monday – New Stuff

The NEW discovery is another baby bunny. Now there are four. I named this one “Fuzzy”. The NEWEST recipe for my bread includes pumpkin seed, hemp seed and chia seed for crunch. Maple syrup for sweetness, organic whole wheat, and extra virgin olive oil are all part of the process. There are nine loaves cooling […]

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Prince Boaz

Boaz is the sire of the puppies due in August. He is the guardian of Milk and Honey Farm and knows it! Check out the Great Pyrenees page on the web site. It has photos of Boaz and the pups he has fathered. (

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After over twenty years on the farm, it finally happened.  Our oldest and most experienced Great Pyrenees, Gracie, got skunked! It happened last night.  All the dogs were going crazy. Gracie was the only one to go through the electric fence after the skunk.  The rest of the pack stayed put. Of course Gracie won […]

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