Pyr Pups Graduating

The Great Pyrenees puppies are graduating to the barn kennel tonight.  They are  strong and healthy, the weather is beautiful, the puppy kennel is clean. It is time for them to be outside.  It will be a parade. Mocca, their Mom, will go out first.  Bob and I will bring the puppies in several laundry baskets.  All the big dogs will be curious and gather round.  Boaz will see his sons and daughters for the first time. The barn cats will check them out and the sheep will ignore them.  As they grow and develop, the pups will be introduced to the sheep and the rest of the animals. They will be accustomed to the smells and sounds of the barn right from the beginning.  My old lawn chair is in the kennel  and from there, I will hold and cuddle puppies to my hearts content.  Mocca has a large outside run attacked to the back of the puppy kennel. She can lay outside in the sunshine, but is still close to guard them.  The pups go out this evening and the puppy whelping area in the basement will be cleaned tomorrow.  Happy Day!

August 14, 2014 · Sarah · No Comments
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