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New Arrivals from Milk and Milk and Honey Farm

FYI –arriving January/February Great Pyrenees puppies (available to go to their new homes in April/May) Polypay lambs arriving in April (available to go to their new homes in June) and New Zealand baby bunnies arriving  and ready to go to their new homes in April.  For information check our web site www.milkandhoneyfarm and email or […]

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Bad Rooster

I had a big fight with our rooster this morning. He was waiting for me just outside the screened in porch.  I had to use a weapon( my broom) to get by him.  I chased  him and retrieved eight fresh eggs from the hen house. Thinking I need a nice rooster who would be grateful […]

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Happy Sheep!

Some friends just arrived with a trailer load of fresh cut grass for my sheep.  My sheep are Happy! Happy! Happy! This is just one of the reasons that I enjoy living in rural Minnesota. My friends care about my sheep. They brought grass that they had raked for the sheep. They brought melons for […]

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Happy Monday – New Stuff

The NEW discovery is another baby bunny. Now there are four. I named this one “Fuzzy”. The NEWEST recipe for my bread includes pumpkin seed, hemp seed and chia seed for crunch. Maple syrup for sweetness, organic whole wheat, and extra virgin olive oil are all part of the process. There are nine loaves cooling […]

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Baby Bunnies Continued

I am watching baby bunnies happily hoping around in the grass.  I named them Flopsie,, Mopsie, and Cottontail. Taking a “Time Out” from all the bad stuff going on in the world,  and enjoying the simple things, is a beautiful thing. “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

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Baby Bunnies

We have baby New Zealand white bunnies. They have been underground, but came up and out today.  They have tiny, little pink ears and bright pick eyes.  The bunnies will be ready to go to their forever homes in about two weeks.  They make great pets for kids and can be trained to a kitty […]

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Tomatoes are planted, so are the peppers, egg plants, basils, cabbages, broccoli,  and cucumbers. These plants were from set outs grown in the basement under grow lights. The beans, carrots, beets are all planted from seeds.  I am so thankful for the “helping hands’ that arrived yesterday. It is a labor intensive time of the […]

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Lambs Day Out

These Polypay lambs love being in the pasture. The great Pyrenees dogs are happy to have something else to guard. The lambs are for sale and will be ready to go to their homes in Mid June.

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Lamb Adventures

It was a big adventure for the new lambs to be let out of the barn. They learned very quickly to nibble on the grass and race around the barn.  These purebred Polypay lambs are for sale. Check out the web site for info.

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Twin Lambs — again

One more set of Polypay twins lambs was born this morning. (One ram and one ewe) That makes a total of 16 lambs so far.  Lambs can be picked up at Milk and Honey farm on or after June 15th. Both ewes and rams are available.  In addition, we have two yearling ewes for sale.  […]

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