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Daisy, my tiny ewe lamb, is growing. She can finally reach her Mom and drink from the “spouts’. Daisy  loves me, comes when I call her, and likes to be held and cuddled.  Life is good!

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Planting Beans

I planted Scarlett Runner pole beans, Provider green bears and Pencil Pod wax beans this morning.  We have a grand crop of dandelions that should be pulled up. However, it is more fun to plant beans!

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You, O God, sent a plentiful rain, whereby You confirmed Your inheritance, when it was weary. Psalm 67:9

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Bottle Lamb

I have a new bottle lamb. Her name is Lily. The old ewe died last night.

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Old Ewe

The old sheep is down. She has not moved for three days. She may be on her way to a better pasture.  I told her this morning that it is okay to go. I will take care of her baby lamb. The lamb is a ewe, her Mother’s replacement. She seems to be content to […]

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A great way to Pray — “Lord, give me the determination of a weed.”  My son said this reminded him of me—you think???

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