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Bread Day

It rained too hard last night to work in the garden. As a result, I am baking in the kitchen. First out of the oven are seven loaves of  whole wheat bread.  The kitchen smells wonderful and Bob is happy.

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The Sauerkraut Lessons

My kitchen was the location for ” Sauerkraut lessons” last week. It resembled  a riot zone, with cabbage flying everywhere. Even the poodle got in on the act. He loves raw cabbage. He would collect a piece of the flying cabbage and race into to living room. He would then proceed to chew it up […]

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Ginger July 2001 – August 3 2013

Ginger passed this morning. She was laying in the sunshine beside the old red barn when Bob found her. She will be buried out behind the garage with all her old Pyrenees friends who went before her. It is always a sad day when one of our old dogs die. We will remember her as […]

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Fresh Basil

Handfuls of fresh basil are floating on top of  my spaghetti sauce. Hooray for the herb garden!!!

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The Mama White Rabbit

The Mama New Zealand white rabbit got out of her hutch last night. She is still out there, eating grass and clover.  She can run faster than I can!

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