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Twelve Lambs

Twelve baby lambs have arrived. There are five more Mama sheep yet to give birth.  On Easter Sunday, the barn will be filled  with our friends from the cities coming to visit the lambs. There is something real special about this.

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New Life

There is new life in the barn. Eight lambs have been born and more are expected any minute now. There is new life in the seeds that have germinated under the grow lights. The tiny plants will produce food that will feed us. There is new life in the eggs that are waiting to be […]

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Culture of Honor

For your information, I believe that the sons and daughters of God can be recognized because they understand and demonstrate the culture of honor. Honor is what love looks like,  Just saying….

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Special Guests

We had such a great time hosting Dr. Jack and Mrs. Hatcher in our home.  They got a taste of “country living”. They held our new born lambs and picked the eggs. It was so good to review and relive old Christ For the Nations memories. It was even better to minister with them. Hope […]

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I think there is a little bit of “Cowboy” in each of us. It is an attitude! Even me,  an old lady with a poodle named “Pilgrim”.

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Greenhouse, Lambs, and Chickens

My life is one of extreme multitasking. Plants from the under the grow lights in the basement are being moved  to the Hoop House green house in the back yard. Between plant trips, I make frequent trips to the barn. Several of the Ewes are ready any second to have their babies. The eggs are […]

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Triplet lambs were born this afternoon. Next came another single lamb. Mother Ewes and babies all doing fine. My big dogs (Great Pyrenees) are happy to have something else to guard.  A hot shower is a beautiful thing. It is not good for me to smell like sheep!

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Three more lambs

So far this morning, three more lambs have arrived. There is a set of twin ewes and one ram lamb. The lamb born yesterday is a ram. I sit in my old lawn chair and hold him. Baby lambs are fun to cuddle. His Mom munches on her ration of corn and ignores me.  For […]

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The first lamb

Our first lamb of the season arrived this morning.  Let the games begin!!

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Lamb Progress

Any minute now, the lambing could begin. I will be checking the barn every two hours. The Mother sheep have fresh straw, water and hay. Some of the ewes are “bagging up” and they will be the first to be put into the jugs to await their babies.   I received my first deposits on the […]

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