More Lambs

One set of triplets and one set of twin lambs were born this morning.В  One of the twins, (who I named “Tiny Twin”) needed feeding. It could not reach the Mom’s spouts. I mixed up some Lamb Milk Replacer and stomach tubed the lamb.В  A long tube runs down the baby’s throat into one of its four stomachs–the milk replacer is poured into the top of the tube and the baby is fed. I will have to do this every two hours. After a week of this, I will exchange the tube for a baby bottle.В  The tiny lamb will become very tame and think that I am his Mom.В  It will be fun having a little lamb following me around.

In addition to the lambs, I discovered a pregnant barn cat and broke one fingernail.В  (Smile)

April 19, 2012 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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