Happy June

There is a lot going on for us this month. My Grandson is graduating,В  my son and his family are visiting, we are both officiating at a wedding, and the garden has begun to produce. Our big project is to pick all the strawberries before the bad birds can get them. That means strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry pancakes, and lots of strawberry jam.

Bob will be tilling bunny poo into the two resting rows of our main garden. He will cover them with nursery fabric and let them rest from producing for a year. I will be celebrating my birthday. It is still a surprise. I do not remember getting older. We are planning cook outs and music nights with church family and friends. Folks will be coming from all over the U. S. to pick up their great Pyrenees puppies. Thirteen families will be here mid June.В В  We still need to take pictures of the pups and post on the web site. So much to do, so little time.

From our farm to your, “Have a Happy June”.

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