Multitasking Puppies

Pyr Pups Multitask!

One male and two female Pyr puppies born to Mocca and Boaz in March have begun training in “multitasking.”    They are being socialized in the house and love to be petted by old and young alike. All three of the pups  have mellow personalities and are learning  house manners.

For their other task, they are in guard training outside with our sheep. They are bright and alert and watch their parents guard our flock. The pups will learn by observing  the older dogs. Of course, the pups get to observe the sheep from the safety of a kennel fence. They need to be protected from being butted by an over protective ewe.

Many of our puppy buyers are looking for a  pet, who is also a guardian. Our Pyrs fit that description. By the time these puppies go to their new families, they will be accustomed to people and to  livestock.

The male puppy is sold and is waiting for his new family to pick him up. The two females are available. Call 320 286-2865 for information and puppy news.

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