Hiding Out

I am officially “Hiding Out” and running the air conditioner full blast. It is way too hot to be outside. Early this morning, I watered the hanging flower baskets, collected the eggs, and picked some basil to make Pesto. That is the extent of the outdoor activities today. From now on, I will enjoy the air conditioner, and work on my writing project.В  Sometimes, it is okay to admit defeat to the August heat.В  Yesterday, the heat index hit 110 degrees.В  Unreal!

The big dogs have shade and fresh water. The sheep are staying in the barn to escape the sun. The chickens are back in the chicken coop. It is too hot to be scratching for bugs.

Minnesota is a place of extremes.В  It gets so cold in the winter, exposed skin can freeze in minutes.В  It is true on Milk and Honey Farm that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

August 27, 2013 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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