Tomato Update

Tomato sauce bubbling away on the stove is a happy thing.В  I think that the Giant Italian Paste tomatoes make the best sauce. They do not have as many seeds as other varieties and the sauce thickens quickly.В  It smells good in here.

I take the green tomato stems out to my chickens. It is one of their favorite treats and they come running.В  “Lone Ranger” the biggest rooster, always gets to the tomato stems first. He is followed by the hens and “Tonto”, the smallest rooster.

The garden is full of green Brandywine tomatoes.В  I will make some fried green tomatoes this week end. They should go good with lamb chops on the grill. Thinking that some sweet corn would be nice too.В  Three words describe what I am feeling about all this.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

August 30, 2013 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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