Looking Up

My first winter in Minnesota, I spent a lot of time looking up. I wasn’t being spiritual. It was because I had not developed my ice walking skills.   When snow falls on top of ice, it is the worse kind of trap for the inexperienced  Texan.  You are having a good day and suddenly winter springs its diabolic trap and you are down. Snow is not soft and fluffy to fall on. That is a deceptive lie from the pit of hell. The ice is dangerous and it hurts. I know.

The issue was solved with ski poles. When I need to go out to the barn, I use a ski pole on each side for balance and traction. The poles keep me steady and confident that the ice isn’t going to kill me. This is a great survival tip if you are foolish enough to consider visiting Minnesota in winter.

Winter, I win again. Ha!



January 24, 2014 · Sarah · No Comments
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