Berkey Water Filter

Just read an article about contaminants in Minnesota water—not good. I believe everyone should have a Berkey water filter, no matter where they live.В  For details, look at my web site. (Milk and Honey Be safe, people.

June 27, 2014 В· Sarah В· 2 Comments
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  1. Patty Hilker - June 27, 2014

    How does the water compare with reverse osmosis water? Pastor and Delphine have used that water for 20 years and have coffee maker at church hooked up to it too!

  2. Sarah - June 28, 2014

    Check out the Berkey page on our web site. It will give you great info on the Filters.(
    The Berkey does not depend on electricity to work–so if our power is out, we still have good water.

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