Lamb Lambs and more Lambs

Our lambing season is officially over. We ended on a high note and had two sets of triplet lambs this morning. Our final total from ten Mother sheep, is 20 lambs born.  This is a huge blessing–the Moms and babies are doing good.  Our Polypay sheep often have multiple births –lots of twins and occasionally triplets. As of today, my activities  have shifted into greenhouse and garden. Folks will be picking up the veggie and herb plants that I sell every year and I will be planting planting and planting. I could use some help with this. My best planting helper moved to Arizona. (she is fun to visit in the winter.) I am grateful for the opportunity to live in the country and to do the plant and animal projects.  I am most grateful to The Lord of the Harvest who has made this possible. Jesus is Lord!

May 6, 2015 · Sarah · No Comments
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