Winding down

We are winding down — slightly. All ten ewes and 20 new lambs are finally eating grass outside the barn. The main garden has been planted. (10,000 square feet) and the grass got mowed this morning. Windows on the old farm house are washed and we can see out! I still have basic clean up to do and the next step is to get social. We love to have visits with friends and family. I have started planning some “gatherings”–these will be food and fun and singing around a camp fire. Then there are the work parties.В  We always welcome volunteer workers in the summer..mostly to pull weeds and help with picking. The first major pick and processing will be with the strawberries. Next in line, come the cabbages to make into Kraut.В  I used to have fancy parties. That has changed into Kraut parties, picking parties, processing parties, and weeding parties.В  We do a lot of “show and tell” about the garden. It is my Happy place!

June 1, 2015 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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