Bring It On!

The weather guy seems to believe that this winter will be cooler, the snow will be heavier, and and the season will last longer.  Since moving to rural Minnesota from Dallas, Texas, 22 years ago, I have learned to be prepared for winter. It takes a lot of planning and preparation. Basically, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger!

We have been working on our “winter ” for about a month.  We are ready and our animals are too.

Storing enough hay and corn for the sheep is vital. They have straw for bedding and a new salt block. Our Ram is “visiting” with all the ewes. They will have baby lambs in April. The electric water buckets are set up and working well. The outside tank has been cleaned out and will be refilled in the spring.

The chickens are moved out of their chicken tractor and into the chicken coop for winter. It is  insulated and cozy. The light is on a timer to give them the proper number of daylight hours for egg laying. There is fresh straw in all the nests and a high perch for roosting. The geese are in the old milk house attached to the barn. They will winter there and begin to lay eggs in March. The rabbits are moved into their hutch from the summer rabbit run. There is rabbit food stored near by and water available. My kitten, that Bob found in the loft, is bunking  with the buck bunny. When he gets bigger, he will go out with the rest of the barn cats.

Our bee hives have been wrapped in fabric and the bees have a good store of honey. We will be adding sugar syrup to that store as needed. There are cedar chips in the top of each hive for insulation. I will be making bee’s wax candles as one of my winter projects.

Our animals are ready for winter. Our preparation chores are complete. It feels good to be ready. Bring it on!

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