House plants

All my house plants spent the summer outdoors. They enjoyed the sunshine and being watered with the garden hose.В  Today, they were moved back inside. The plants are lined up on window sills and table tops.В  I watered all of them and trimmed off dead leaves. The plants will brighten up the cold winter. My Geraniums will actually bloom in the house.В  The palm trees, brought from Texas, grew a lot this summer. All of the Rosemary plants are in the kitchen. Rosemary is one of my favorite cooking herbs. There are herb plants, cactus plants, Aloe Vera plants, Spider plants, Ivy plants, and Jade plants. The cuttings I started this summer have really taken off.В В  They will be given away as Christmas gifts to friends who love plants.

It is cozy in here with all the plants inside. The bringing in of the house plants is just another of the autumn rituals in the country.

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