Kitchen Office Open

In the Spring, I plant the garden. In the summer, I pull weeds. In the Fall, I pick vegetables. The garden is my “office”.  As of now, my “office” has moved into the kitchen. From now to Spring, I get to cook all the things that were grown.  Sometimes it is Indian food, sometimes it is Thai. Other times it is Italian food.  Occasionally, I do the “down home country cooking”. I like to cook , so this is fun for me.  We save a lot of money and eat things that are good for us.

Tonight, it is leg of lamb, with roasted onions and potatoes. Garlic and Rosemary are the primary seasonings.  Baked Sugar Dumpling squash are in the oven too. Dessert is a pumpkin custard.  Everything was raised here on the farm.  Leftovers, tomorrow, will be an Indian lamb curry.

It is a huge blessing to enjoy the work of my hands.  God is good!


November 17, 2011 · Sarah · No Comments
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