I am rereading a book by Debbie and Michael Pearl. (“To Train Up A Child)  The book is excellent and should be read by every parent or parent to be.

While my children are middle aged and my Grandchildren are in their teens, I still learn from this book. Maybe I can pass some of it on to my friends who  have young children.

There are many nuggets of truth  and much wisdom in this book.  I just read that  “A child is going to be the harvest of the parents temperament”. This is so true. Fruit doesn’t fall far from the vine.

On another page it states that “sulking, pouting, whining,complaining begging and the like, should be an eradicated disease. What a concept! I was standing behind a young Mom at the grocery store last week. Her child was pitching a first class FIT over candy bars at the check out line. The poor Mom was clueless as to what to do.  I would have been delighted to show her!!!



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