Puppy Surprise

Ginger is our oldest Great Pyrenees female. She is eleven. Ginger is a full time guardian of our flocks and herds. She even likes the barn cats and they love to curl up beside her.  She has mothered many beautiful puppies in her day. Her last litter was three years ago.

The dogs that patrol the pasture with Ginger are Jesse, Josie, and Gracie (all females) and Boaz (our male).  I noticed that Ginger was getting chubby about two weeks ago. Now, I know why.  She delivered a huge, badger marked male pup on December 21st.   Boaz is the sire.   We had thought that she was too old to have pups.  It is like a seventy seven year old woman having a baby. Not too likely.

Ginger and her pup are doing well. They are camped out on a blue blanket in the basement. She has lots of milk and the pup is getting all of it.

Christmas is the season of surprises.  This is our “puppy surprise”!

December 23, 2011 · Sarah · 3 Comments
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  1. Ann Seeton - December 23, 2011

    I think he is awesome and she must be delighted to get in one more pup! Love surprises!

  2. Darlene and Tom - December 27, 2011

    How sweet is that! What a wonderful blessing. seems like we should have that wonderful puppy…no funds. so love it them both. Tom and Darlene

  3. Jeani Smith - January 12, 2012

    How’s Ginger’s surpise doing? She looks so proud of him in this picture! Thanks! Jeani

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