Hot Peppers

Hot peppers take a long time to germinate. Today, I am planting the hot, hot, hot ones. There are Thai peppers and Cayenne peppers. They are super hot. Next to be planted will be the early Jalapeno peppers. They are mild next to the Thai and Cayenne.В  The” sweet with a kick” peppers are called Pizza peppers. They are great on a home made pizza. Next in line are the Tennessee cheese stuffing peppers. They turn ruby red and are yummy in the broiler stuffed with cheese.

In several weeks. I will plant the sweet peppers. I like King of the North the best. They are huge bells and very sweet.В  Another one of my favorites is a Chinese Giant pepper. I will plant some yellow banana peppers too.

We love the flavors that the hot peppers add to our Thai and Indian dishes. Our Salsa is “flaming”!В  However, not many of my friends and neighbors like hot peppers. This is central Minnesota and the folks prefer mild and bland. I will grow plenty of the sweet bells to sell in my green house in May. The hot peppers are for us. We still have some of the red chilies hanging from the kitchen ceiling that were grown last summer.

I like peppers.

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