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There was good company in the green house this morning. One poodle and two cats kept me company while I was transplanting  the set outs.

This year, there will be many varieties of heirloom tomatoes available. (Brandywine, Amish paste, Italian paste, Roma, Italian Beefsteak, grape, cherry and more) Since tomatoes companion well with Basil, I planted extra Basil to have available. They compliment the tomatoes and both grow better together. Giant sweet bell peppers are available, as well as Jalapeno peppers, Pizza peppers, and Banana peppers. The Pizza peppers are a favorite and will sell out quickly. They are sweet with a “kick”. Italian parsley and Oregano are available as long as they last.

Folks can call and reserve their plants beginning April 1st.  Appointments can be made the first week in May to pick up plants. The month of May is my busy time in the main garden, so I will be home ALL the time!


March 29, 2012 · Sarah · No Comments
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