All the square foot garden boxes are filled and planted. Progress is happening on the main garden too.В  All the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and cucumber plants are in. I will need to move all the rest of the plants out of the green house in the next few days. It is warming up.В  All the hanging baskets are filled with red, white, and blue flowers and hung across the back porch. They are my patriotic statement.

We have been picking green things for salads for several weeks. Today, I picked my first bunch of French Breakfast Radishes.

Bob moved the big Ewes and their baby lambs out of the barn. It is so fun to watch them running and jumping.В  They are all glad to be FREE. The big dogs like it when the lambs are out. It gives them something to guard.

My blogs will be shorter now. The garden is labor intensive. My back is telling me to take a nap!




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