All Good

All my dogs are groomed. This is a big deal around here. Everyone has been brushed, washed, toe nails cut, ears cleaned, and mats removed! When dealing with great Pyrenees who live outside with sheep, this is a handful. To top it off, Pilgrim the poodle is also groomed. He looks like a poodle again and not a fuzzy mutt.

We are planning on taking some serious pictures of our clean dogs this week. I am really enjoying my walks with the big and beautiful. We look like a well organized parade. Clean dogs are all good!


August 21, 2012 В· Sarah В· One Comment
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  1. Janel Mosley - August 21, 2012

    Oh, I wish my two Pyrs were done; a summer outside has really wreaked havoc. Would love to know your system for getting them in order.

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