Burners Needed

I need more burners on my stove top! There are only four and that is NOT near enough this time of year. Right now, one burner has a pot of bean soup, one burner is bubbling away with pickled Jalapeno peppers being canned, and two burners contain tomato sauce. There is another five gallon bucket of tomatoes to turn into sauce and no burners to cook them. The oven is baking Jalapeno corn bread to go with the bean soup for dinner so I can’t cook down the tomatoes in the oven. I tried to make tomato sauce in my crock pot and let it cook all night. It did not work. The sauce is runny.

Maybe someday, my old country kitchen will be blessed with a six burner stove top. New cupboards would be nice too. The kitchen really needs more counter space with lots of room to slice and dice. Meanwhile, until that dream becomes a reality, I will keep on keeping on, and on and on and on!!!

September 16, 2013 В· Sarah В· No Comments
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