Bad Rooster

There is a Barred Rock rooster who is destined for the cook pot. He attacked Pilgrim ( my poodle) this morning. This afternoon, when I went out  to get the eggs, he attacked me. Big mistake! I got the hoe with the pointed end and fought back. He  pecked and clawed the hoe. He would jump into the air and pounce on it, trying to get to me.  He never made it, but it was close. I won and got my eggs. He ran.

It is too bad he is so mean. He is  a good looking rooster and all the hens love him. I will be scheduling his execution tomorrow. It is not smart to mess with me! He will be good in soup with some home made noodles.

September 19, 2013 · Sarah · One Comment
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  1. dj lund - September 20, 2013

    Yes!!! he should have know better! smile

    On another note…we just got our camra downloaded (no I phone for us) smile…and we can’t wait to get pictures to you. Honey Bear is more than a Honey…she has stold the hearts of the neighborhood, the garden club members and the Stephen Ministry group that meets here…She is a riot…and quite active for us old folks…she gives us a run around. We love, love, love her…can’t wait to tell you all of the stories. Thank you, love you, Tom and Darlene

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