Jesse and her pups were moved out to the barn kennel last night.В  They had managed to get out of the whelping box and were busy exploring the basement. Not good! There is an open sump pump in the basement that they could fall into.В  There is laundry soap they could eat and lots of old stuff they could chew up.

Today, the pups are having a good old time exploring the barn kennel. There is nice clean straw for them to romp in, a water pan to drink out of, and a container of Purina puppy chow in case they need a snack. They have met the barn cats, and find them great play mates.В  The pups have learned to “woof” and “wag”.

We have two kennel areas in the barn. In one kennel are Josie and her pups and the other one holds Jessie and her pups. The area is guarded by four adult Great Pyrenees who have free range of the farm.В  The puppies can see the sheep through their fence and seem to find them interesting.

We will be taking puppy pictures of Josie and her puppies this week end. They will be posted on the web site.В  Our email has not worked for about a week. Bob has called the company and they will troubleshoot the problem.В  If you have sent an email, I have not received it. Please call me instead for information on the puppies. (320 286 2865) We have puppies available, both males and females.

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