At our house, you can tell it is Spring when the Great Pyrenees start to shed. The yard is full of white fur.The baby bunnies are hopping around the hutch. The chives are coming up. The mud is wet and thick. The winter coats are put away. The mud boots are lined up on the porch. The hens are sitting on eggs. The birds start singing early in the morning. The mulch is off the garlic plants. The sheep are fat and pregnant. The Van is really dirty. The “honey do” list is longer than usual. The long johns are put away. The flannel sheets have been replaced with cotton sheets. The comforters have been washed and put away. The green house is full of plants. The seeds for the main garden have been sorted. The roosters are crowing all day long. The air smells like rain.

Expectation for a new season is bubbling up inside. The wonder of new life blesses me. I have lived a long time, in many places. Country is the best! Smile!!!

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